50 female artists

It is a Bank Holiday, all I  want is to be sitting reading the paper and listening to a count down of 50 female artists promised to me by the national broadcaster. However that is not to be the case as they are playing one song off the list between every three normal songs. THAT IS NOT A LIST SHOW. So i have made my own. These are not in any particular order. THey are just fulled together over the last hour.

The artists listed simply represent the singers and songs i would have liked to hear today and who I believe constitute the most influential and noteworthy female musicians. Hopefully you enjoy and this is a nice little soundtrack to your day off.  although currently incomplete I will be updating this throughout the day. just like a wee auld radio show. Enjoy.

50. Madonna

This is cause the girl just gets it. has been on top of her game for years. incredible.

49. Joni Mitchell

Not that this powerhouse needs any introduction, but if you are new to Miss Mitchell I  would recommend first listening to her album Blue. Still one of my go to albums after years of obsessing over music. jazzy and full of emotion.

48. Bjork

Releasing her first album at 7 with some fantastic covers including Lennons ‘Fool on the Hill’ Bjork has not put a foot wrong since. In my opinion.

47. Dusty Springfield.

Can you imagine music without Dusty? No Duffy, No Adele. Tiny, fierce and one of a kind.

46. Barbra Streisand

The woman has EIGHT GRAMMYS, and five Emmys. i have no right to even reckon on her talent.

45. Amy Winehouse

Unfortunately, no longer with us but boy that girl could sing.

44. Tracy Chapman

Obvious song choice I know. Its a fantastic song and i stand by it.

43. Erykah Badu

The Queen of Neo-Soul. You cant deny her influence. Not the most accessible music but worth the effort.

42. Aretha Franklin

If your not moved by Aretha Franklins voice check your pulse. I mean it.

41. Joan Armatrading

Good nice song about lies and betrayal for your bank holiday. I love her though she sounds like she has eaten to much Ice-Cream.

40. Dolly Parton

Just going to lighten the mood with the Queen of the Gays herself there. The thing about Dolly is the more you listen, the more you realise this is an unbelievable talented woman. Much too often she is dismissed as a dumb blonde, that is fucking blasphemy!

39. Nina Simone

A singer, a song-writer, an extremely talented pianist and an activist. In the 40’s in America, Nina Simone might have been the coolest woman in the world. Her songs just fill me with hope and I dont have half the troubles she had. Just so powerful, and sexy. Just check out her singing ‘I wanna little Sugar in my bowl’. mind blowing.

38. Annie Lennox

Yet another activist. what can i say activism turns me on. Her amazing stage presence and androgynous image, made her a teen favourite for this little boy-girl for years. And this songs a Fuckin TUNE as my housemate just opinioned.

37. Dionne Warwick

Cousin to the late Whitney Houston and one of the greatest selling artists of all time, if only she could have shaken the auld drug habit.

36. Cher

Like Madonna, Cher has constantly adapted with the times. She was unfazed by cultures drug explosion in the 60s, turning its back on her and Sonnys clean-cut image and managed to turn into a sex icon in her own terms. Badass, plus amazing in Mermaids.

35. Tina Turner

The biopic ‘Whats Love Got to do with It’ starts with the quote, ‘the lotus is a flower that lives in the mud, the deeper and darker the mud, the more beautiful the lotus grows’. Perfect description of the relentless Ms. Turner, captain my captain. (like im completely obsessed).

34. Janet Jackson

Constantly overshadowed, but what choice did she have being a Jackson. I honestly think she would have been much more popular had she not been compared with her brothers.

33. Debbie Harry

One of the first women to bring punk to the mainstream. Everyone must own Parallel Lines at some stage, just to understand what a powerful woman sounds like. Not a Fuck given by Debbie.

32.  Stevie Nicks

Like I even have to explain the appeal. My guitar is called Stevie.

31. Sinead O Connor

I hope in my heart, of hearts that Sinead is sitting in her house and gloating. I would be. She was right all along and Ireland ignored her. Strong, cocksure and with an abundance of talent. I have no idea how Sinead had the strength to be herself back then but I salute her for it.

30. Marianne Faithfull

Another woman who is no stranger to controversy. There was a wonderful urban legend about the cops raiding a party in the 70’s and finding Mick Jagger eating a Mars Bar from Marianne herself. Why not, I say. Anyway you just have to hear her snarl the words ‘Her cunt in my bed’ in the song ‘Why’d you do it?’ to know there may be some truth in those rumours.

29. Janis Ian

Whats the point being gay if your not going to sing about how alienating it is? I jest but it does make for some incredible music. Also in her autobiography she talks about her parents being so Left-Wing they were investigated by the FBI. That is cool.

28. Kate Bush

She is all kinds of crazy but thats why we love her. When you listen to a Kate Bush you have complete permission to fling your arms around like a mad bastard. You know how great she is, this was her first big song and she was 19. When i was 19 I hadn’t heard of Soy Sauce before so I made a stir-Fry with Coca Cola. Thats not a lie. Kate Bush is better than me.

*pee break time, if this was radio, i would play these songs to keep you occupied, cause their really long and I will probably make coffee. I’ve been sitting here for two hours.

1.Chain of Fools-Aretha Franklin. 2.Papa was a Rolling stone- Temptations. 3. Bohemian Rahapsody-Queens.

alternatively you can read my other blog posts. BRB*

27. Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton known for her 5 and a half octave vocal range. Like are you joking me. that is incredible. Not that she doesn’t merit of her own but she also happens to be the mother of one of the funniest woman alive, Maya Rudolph of Bridemaids fame.

26. Karen Carpenter

Beautiful voice, incredible drummer. Tragic life.

I hate brother, sister duos but the harmony guys, the harmony.

25.Patsy Cline

If your thinking about country music Patsy Cline is bound to come up. Another life that was cut tragically short. Patsy died in a plane crash at only 30. It is incredible that she made such an influence to women in music so young.

24. Carole King

Her voice sounds like a warm hug doesn’t it. The album this is from Tapestry just rips me asunder. It is essential for all collections as is proved by its 6 years in the charts.


Many may scoff at this choice, dismissing pink as a current pop icon with no substance. I agree that many of her popular songs havn’t exactly pushed the boundary of music. The think that I believe that sets P!nk apart is her ability, not unlike madonna or Cher, to grow as an artist. If you consider the TLC-esque Pink from the album ‘Take Me Home’ to her current chart hit “just give me a reason” ft FUN. She is a woman who can stay relevant and more power to her.

PART 2: check my newest blog post for the top new 22 songs. see you there peeps.



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