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50 female artists continued

OK so my computer keeps farting over the huge amount of videos so i have had to split this. where were we.

22. Ella Fitzgerald


21. LeTigre

Punky, politics and funny dances. I feel like maybe the post should be shared by Bikini Kill too.

20. Chaka Khan

THE HAIR. you go chaka khan, you go.

19. Eva Cassidy

One of those cases when fame comes posthumously. Although Eva was well known in her home town of Washington it wasnt until three years after her death that her album made it to number one. She is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard with a remarkable talent for interpreting other peoples music and bring something completely new.

18. Cyndi Lauper

Making her debut with the remarkable album ‘She’s so Unusual’ shows amazing confidence as an artist, and including a song about masturbation, what a legend. Cyndi Lauper has a fantastic knack of looking at society dispelling of rose-tinted glasses and still having a ball.

17. Janis Joplin

You know when Stevie Nicks sites you as an influence you have done some thing wrong. Even when singing a capella there was something so powerful and unforgiving in Ian’s vocals. Another unfortunate early death. Janis passed away at 27 just 16 days after Hendrix did the same.

16. Lauryn Hill

Marred with controversy over reported racism and anti-catholic statement whilst performing in the Vatican, Hill has had a fairly successful career. She became a teen favourite because of her performance in Sister Act 2 and established her career in the Fugees. However Michelle Obamam and John McCain both saying they are fans is probably not doing her any favours,

15. Edith Piaf

An amazing woman, a tiny, fraile, nervous poor girl who pull herself up, duster herself and took the world by story. You couldn’t write the stuff. If you want to know about Madame Piaf I would highly recommend watching “la Vie on Rose’ in which Marion Cotillard plays her from 14-80. tremendous portrayal of an astonishing woman.

14. Nancy Sinatra

So your Dad is Frank Sinatra good luck having a life of your own. You want to be a singer? oh wait your FUCKING AWESOME. Though the song i included “Bang Bang” is a cover I think it shows her soft intensity.

13. Joan Jett

I’m just going to chill out her and think of a way to justify including Joan Jett and not the woman she styled herself on, Suzie Quatro. No, I can’t. My list, i’ll do what I want *head bags to song*.

12.Joan Baez

Im starting to see a pattern here. Women +Music = Politics. Great, isn’t it. Sure, isn’t that the point of art, to hold a mirror up to society. Thats exactly what this lady did. The Queen of Folk. She has been on the go for 56 years.

11. Loretta Lynn

You tell them Loretta. not a bother on this woman telling chaps to fuck right off. Between discouraging men from thinking they are getting the ride if they are pissed and advocating the use of the pill, i think she might be the ultimate country feminist.

10. Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins)

If anyone can tell me what Liz Fraser is ever saying your a smarter chap than me. I havn’t the foggiest but its beautiful. there is something ethereal to her that makes me feel transported.

9. Bette Midler

From Bathhouse Bette to THe Divine Miss M, what a career. Bette cut her teeth in the gay bathhouses and has been a gay icon ever since. Mastering acting, music, comedy and activism. I adore her.

8.Whitney Houston

Known for her amazing warbbling and amazing lung capacity, i prefer her fun pop phase. That is why this is the song I have chosen to represent dear old Whitney. The juxtaposition of this song against the narrative of her life gives it a weird bittersweet quality retrospectively. None the less, Tune.

7.Mama Cass

I’ll leave Cass and this song to explain herself.

6.Roberta Flack

bring tears to a stone she would.

5. Beyonce

So i am a little disappointed about her calling her tour Mrs. Carter. YOU ARE BEYONCE. Not some dudes wife. Jesus beyonce, but she has definitely earned her stripes. Starting with Destinys Child she has shown she has Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. RuPaul would be so proud.

4.Billie Holiday

Having written the canon of jazz standards, music would be lost with out Holiday.

3.Alanis Morrisette

Raw and Quirky. MUch more though is her wonderfuly personal song writing and vicious lyrics. Jagged Little Pill is the perfect accompaniment to any break up. The best album to jump around your house to before a  night out.

2. Diana Ross

Try telling anybody your gay without that running through your head. Thank you Diana its the best coping mechanism you could have ever given the world. sound move.

1. Adele

Who in Gods good name just appears at 19 fully formed and becomes the most successfully female artist. Adele, that is who. And does she become a dick head and stuffy and pretensious. No, not Adele. Talented and humbly, wise and gorgeous. Fantastic role model.

Well that is me for the day. Hope you enjoyed my run down of the 50 best female musicians. I has been real fun and all but my fingers are about to fall off.

Here is the playlist that i made to go with this.


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