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Alt Christmas radio show.

Hello peeps and welcome to another fabulous alternative Christmas with me Green Issac. im sure by now plenty of you are getting into the Christmas spirit, however I feel for many of us pendants and music freaks this can be dampened by the seemingly finite number of ‘classic’ holiday jingles. So for the next few hours I hope to introduce you to some of the best alternative songs to accompany those non-traditional seasons of love we are experiencing. So whether you are taking this holiday to denounce capitalism and the catholic church or just basking in the glow of their heteronormative reductive exclusionary light, there is space here for all. merry Christmas. !!!!!


I know we said we would do a Podcast, but we are too lazy. Shut Up!


So first off we have the ethereal Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins with their incredible version of Frosty the Snowman.


All the warmth of Christmas without the saccharine ugliness. Like when you don;t have that last glass of Baileys you know is totally going to make you vomit. short sweet and lovely


Famous for their overwhelmingly overplayed ‘Reach for the Sun’ (which is awesome) this choral group obviously fits perfectly into the holidays love for huge choral get togethers and white robes.


Sure a little pining from the dear auld Mr. Stevens to keep you going. it’s that nice now.


I like to pretend i’m listening to this on a gramophone but sure whatever gets you going I suppose.


You really can’t go wrong with Annie Lennox. I mean what a legend, I could listen to her ad lib all day.


I know this is an oft repeated and well established christmas song, but its just terrific, i can not recommend going on a Pretenders binge highly enough.


Up next we have a bit of pop rock from the group who brought you both ‘Birdhouse in your soul’ (remember that, fucking wicked track) and i believe the theme to Malcolm in the Middle (citation needed).


SQUEEZE! Funniest band in the world. I think this might be one of the greatest Christmas songs ever.


Kate Bush is perfect every time of the year, without a shadow of a doubt but to be able to pull her out and throw her on a list at the time of year that is overwhelmed with trite cliches is such a gift.


Another goddess of music taking a refreshing look at Christmas, recorded in 2006 and so well after Blondie’s heyday Harry non the less gives a fairly rocking performance.


You don;t have to be rock to be alt, this song has never got the airplay it deserves. This should be the first christmas song to be pulled out.


Holding on to music of the sound he pioneered with The Strokes, Julian Casablancas does a great job on not being bogged down by the expectations of the genre with this 2000s era sounding xmas tune.


At times heartbreaking and soulful this plea by James Brown that Santa goes straight to the Ghetto is sexy and honest and humbling all at once.


Now I can’t talk from personal experience but the Futureheads make a compelling case of an 80s christmas celebration.


Go on Temptations, I don;t think it matters what your sexual orientation that is a sexy sexy man voice. I just want them to sit and sing everything at me all the time.


Again not the most unique or original, we have all heard this song before but it deserves its place in the Christmas top ten.


As far as i know this was never officially released and is a gift for fans. I would definitely buy this though and m starting a petition for Gaga to do a christmas album.


For those of you not of the pop-tastic innuendo laden Gaga pop here is some classic Tom Petty. If i was in a Christmas this would be the song over the credits as I walk away carrying Santa over my shoulder.


Living true to my rule that a music list without Stevie Nicks is not a music list.


Quickly cover yourself in tinsel and dance, you know you want to. Christmas dance where have you been all my life.


No offense to George Micheal but nobody was convinced you were heartbroken, like maybe a little because you looked douch-ey in the video but this The XX cover really understands the agony of christmas heartbreak.


Is it just me or does this sound just like Pink Floyd, if i didn’t know this was LCD System, there would be no convincing me. awesome track.


Christmas songs should make you want to throw stuff, even if it is Matt Bellamy.


Like LITERALLY as Gay as Christmas! This makes my excited like when your drunk and Tina Turner comes on or Cher! Stereotypes for the win!


Major thanks to Giselle for introducing me to this adorable little song last year. it is the sweetest. Feliz Navidad to all.


And last but not least, The Hive and the unbelievable Cyndi Fucking Lauper doing what i can only describe as an actually brilliant take on the ‘fairytale of New York’ format. Highlights include Cyndi lauper screaming ‘I went down on your mother’. I can think of no better way to celebrate Christmas.

Have a Great one guys, and lets spend spend spend this chri chris christmas together. xxx



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Alternative Christmas Playlist YEAR 2

Last year I was working in retail and as such was bombarded with obligatory torrent of Christmas ’classics’ from about mid-November. Now obviously this is ridiculously annoying for all humans and should be stopped as soon as possible. I mean be it little of me to undermine anyone’s Christmas traditions. However, they start so early and there are so very few of them that are repeated over and over and over!
So that inspired me to create a list of Yuletide jingles that perhaps don’t spend so much time on our airwaves put perhaps deserve it just as much. Now being human, I listened to them on repeat last year for the holiday session and now I am totally over them. So here is this years new and improved list. Maybe we could do this with all Christmas songs every year? Just a suggestion.
Obviously we are all just humans and are, like snowflakes, unique in our opinions and styles; isn’t that what makes the world worth living in. You may not agree with what is on this list, to which I say Hurray! Diversity! So, if you don’t agree, make your own list. Maybe we can talk about them and become friends.
So, without further ado, IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSS!

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Valentine’s Day,

Alternative Love song  edition

Obviously today being the 14th of January we shall be bombarded by sappy ridiculous love songs on the radio and online. I am not against this, in fact I’m about to do the very same to you. However, I hope this list provides some brief respite from the repetition you may be experiencing if you have a real life radio on. (remember radio, those were the days). So, lets get this show on the road.

I made a short list last night and only managed to whittle it down to 50.

So what was meant to be my 10 alternative love songs is now


Hope this is nice accompaniment to your V-Day,

All of my Love.

N.B. Almost forgot, best love song in the world .

Also, for the day thats in it, how unbelievably adorable are these badges. The Transgender Equality Network Ireland are selling them. They great. Made me smile.

Anyway get back to your loving.


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