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Budget 2014

Today as you will undoubtedly know is Budget day. This is a day when rich people who you have employed to protect your interests take money out of your pocket and give it to people they believe are more important that you. Like their friend who work in bigger better jobs than you do. This is because as Machiavelli put it “a prince (government) is always compelled to injure those who have made him the new ruler”. To insure that their power remains “any injury a prince does a man should be of such a kind that there is no fear of revenge”. This, my dear friends, is what we are seeing today.  How can you defend your interests if you cannot afford to be healthy or strong? But hey enough about the ethical implications of our pseudo- democracy, you’re here for music.

The list that follows is, I feel, representative of the poverty and desperation felt by many of us in the last few years.  This experiences being impacted and in many cases exacerbated by todays budget announcements. So, if nothing else, it will give you a few songs what make you feel less alone in wanting to burn what few euro notes you have and escape into the wilderness. Maybe the realization that the best music comes from a struggle will make the day lighter. Or perhaps this list will just be less bollocks that listening to RTE.

Ghost Town- The Specials.

With the new reduced air travel tax I feel like it would only be fair to play this in every airport so all those new tourists will know what to expect.  Save your money coming here, but lose it on overpriced wine.

  1. Working Class Hero – Marianne Faithful

The most popular version of this is obviously Lennon’s original however, the snarly viciousness that Marianne brings to this song seems appropriate today.  “but you’re still fucking peasants, as far as I can see”.

3.Busted – Ray Charles

I wonderful little ditty about the desperation of not having a pot to piss in. Representative of all the people who had to leave without knowing if its going to ever be any better.

4.Allentown-Billy Joel

Corniest video in the universe. This song does however speak to the current generation of twentysomethings. Countless graduation photos lining the walls with nothing to show for them except student debt. At least there are some homo-erotic dancers to cheer us up though.

5. The message – grandmaster flash

Look, times are shite enough, without today. We might as well keep it hilarious. I don’t understand how a song about life being so terrible is so ridiculous, but it is. I think it’s the creepy laugh. Issues with paying bills and rising inflation ring pretty true though.

6.Career Opportunities-The Clash

The Clash looking at the bollocks situation of being offered a pathetic, soul destroying job by the Social and being forced to take it and be grateful. Part-time seasonal kitchen porter in a hotel on a island 2hours away from your house with no transport, anyone. (That really happened to me).

7.Village Ghetto Land- Stevie Wonder

I always found this song a strange departure for Stevie, kinda like ‘Dear Jessie’ by Madonna. Anyway this bizarre british-y Kinks sounding stroll through Stevie’s neighbourhood is as wonderful as it is eye opening. I was going to write a similar one but cant think of a rhyme for pigeon and junkie poo.

8. Tax Man-The Beatles

For the day that’s in it, sure. Isn’t it nice to see that nothing ever changes.

9.Talking about a Revolution – Tracey Chapman

This song might be a little trite and really is a causeless call to arms. I guess that is  what makes it so universal. Really I like it because I love the idea of poor people rising up and getting what is theirs. Regardless of how completely implausible that is. It is a nice dream.

10. Common People- Pulp

Poverty is shit! People thinking it’s the craic, is no better. This song is fucking Amazing! So lets dance, drink and screw, cause there is nothing else to do!

Except riot!

We could Riot!


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