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Alternative Christmas Playlist YEAR 2

Last year I was working in retail and as such was bombarded with obligatory torrent of Christmas ’classics’ from about mid-November. Now obviously this is ridiculously annoying for all humans and should be stopped as soon as possible. I mean be it little of me to undermine anyone’s Christmas traditions. However, they start so early and there are so very few of them that are repeated over and over and over!
So that inspired me to create a list of Yuletide jingles that perhaps don’t spend so much time on our airwaves put perhaps deserve it just as much. Now being human, I listened to them on repeat last year for the holiday session and now I am totally over them. So here is this years new and improved list. Maybe we could do this with all Christmas songs every year? Just a suggestion.
Obviously we are all just humans and are, like snowflakes, unique in our opinions and styles; isn’t that what makes the world worth living in. You may not agree with what is on this list, to which I say Hurray! Diversity! So, if you don’t agree, make your own list. Maybe we can talk about them and become friends.
So, without further ado, IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSS!


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A celebration of aging, Sinead aging!

So this blog was born of a birthday present. It was my girlfriend’s little sisters birthday and I wanted to make her a suitable playlist. Well today another of her wonderful siblings is celebrating her birthday and as they are twins so is my misses. Anyway enough about twindoom, this blog is built on sisterhood.

So I present you with a celebration of what I think encapsulate growing older and the energy of birthdays when you get to our stage of life, early-mid twenties.

Obviously this age is the best of times and the most horrifically terrifying and stressful as you try and present your doing a good job of being a grown-up. While still completing all the pokemon original series and the new ones too. (too many expectations).  But fuck it ya survived being a teen when the number one artist on the billboard Hot 100 was  this.

I’m not lying, in 2002 this was music. Congratulations on being Rad after that shit.

So anyway back to real music. Ima put links to each song with them or if you would rather listen to a playlist ill embed one at the end of this post.

All Your Friends- LCD Soundsystem

Relevant quote: you spend the first five years trying to get with the plan,

And the next five years trying to be with your friends again.

Not only a fucking rocking song that I think sums up some fucking wicked ‘in your early twenties’ nights out but also a song about keeping the party going. What a great birthday message.  Wonderful encouragement to keep giving it socks.

Young at Heart – The Bluebells

Relevant quote: YOUNG AT HEART

I just couldn’t resist. Any excuse to listen to this song really. Its wicked. I mean whats with the bows, are they trying to be Dexy’s??

My Generation  – The Who

Relevant Quote: Hope I die before I get old.

Obviously I don’t wish this on anyone but like, old is a state of mind so you’re sound really.  Plus the Who were obviously lying about that shit cause they is old as fuck and still singing this track. If you appreciate irony you are flying it forever.

Forever Young – Alphaville


Hands up everybody, and hardcore sway.. ya, wig time. . .toss that hair. (I’m having a great time)

A Touch Of Grey – The Grateful Dead

Relevant quote: a touch of grey kinda suits you anyway

I think this song has a wonderful message, its that kinda everything is fucked, but sure we will be fine’. Might not be your typical birthday playlist but we are not the typical birthday boy are we so get the fuck over it princess.

Video Killed the Radio Star- The Buggles

Relevant Quote : we cant rewind we’ve gone to far.

This was chosen by Molly so you can thank her. But it’s a great choice. Its like ‘Oh my fuck, everything is changing’. And sure isn’t that the joy of life. Isn’t it pet. Sure, it only is.

Ok here is the point of the playlist that we get into the soulful hour of the evening were we sit with a whiskey and talk about the old days when MTV played Music and penny sweets were just that.  So ima take you on a musical journey back in time to artists who have the experience to express these feelings of nostalgia.  Well better than  we can anyway.

Still Crazy After All these years. – Paul Simon

I’m just saying if for some reason some asked me to make a playlist for your 80th birthday, because I am, by then, a cryogenetically  frozen famous space DJ, this is the song I know I would have to choose.

When I Was Seventeen – Frank Sinatra

Now it gets serious. This is the best passing of time song ever, and actually if you get a chance check out the version with Robbie Williams. Surprisingly good. I hope this lulls you into a warm reflection of how wonderful it will be to be in the autum of your years looking back. Might make up for all my ‘die before I get old songs’. Sorry!

When I’m 64 – The Beatles

See how happy being old will be. And you wont be 64 for another million years. Sorted. Puts shit in perspective don’t it. anyway I hope these songs give you a nice little selection of  view points on aging and your birthday. Hopefully they will proved the comfort required so you’d don’t do that whole hiding under tables crying about life as happens to some people around their birthday  (or so I am told)

Anyway darling face, happy getting older day! Love you!

Here is that bad boy as a playlist. Enjoy!

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