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Some key things to think about when discussing this year in music. Happy by Pharrell Williams was Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks. This is by no means a record but weirdly this was a bit of a theme this year. Any song that got to number one took over so completely and stayed for so long that there were only 11 number one single this year. Here to help us remember those top songs is the wonderfully adorable ‘Us the Duo” with their roundup of the year in music.


The songs I am about to list are not the 11 number ones in question but a selection of my favourite chart hits of 2014. For a song to qualify it music have made the billboard Hot 100 list at any number in 2014.

N.B. These songs are in my opinion, the 14 greatest songs that made it in to the billboard Hot 100 at any stage this year. This does not mean that I believe they are the best song released this year. That is next weeks blog.

Its going to be amazing.



  1. Bang Bang- Jessie J

From that clapping intro this song is a stomper. Anything that samples ‘Wham” is going to get my attention and with three of the biggest stars in pop howling it out together. This is the best pop collab since Lady Marmalade.

  1. Rather Be- Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne

Though I was a bit irked by this song at first. Too polished, sounded strikingly familiar to the bridge of Emeli Sande’s Next To Me. The more I reviewed the yer in music for this post the more this song kept popping into my head. The layering is quality, the vocals are stunning and not autotuned to shit, which is a relief. All around uplifting, good track.

  1. All about That Bass- Meghan Trainor

Massive caveat: I do not agree with many of the lyrics in this song. Ok so on the surface this is a positive song which rails against standard ideas of beauty for women and obviously that it terrific. However there are a number of issue with the lyrics of this song, womens bodies are not ‘better’ because they have curves, or skinny or any particular. Womens bodies are brilliant regardless of how they look. A best implies a worst and that’s bullshit. Bodies are like snowflakes and everyone is a ride to someone.

Now: to the song. This is an incredible little pop song. Its tight, it has flow. It is bouncy and fun and I adore it,

  1. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift


I feel like this was Taylor Swifts year. I tried to avoid her for ages out of music snobbery but this new popstar fun loving Swift is brilliant. Her self awareness and confidence is so joyful. You do you Taylor.

  1. Fancy – Iggy Azalea

As my wonderful partner would say “There is nothing subversive about you being FANCY Iggy you are a privileged white girl from Australia”.

This is the most astute reading of this song I have ever hear and I cannot add anything more constructive to it. However, I will defend this unbelievable TUNE. From the intro of that synth line totally hooked.

  1. Happy – Pharrell

By now I am completely absolutely sick of this song, but considering its dominance of pop culture this year and also how much I liked it when I heard it first, it had to be included. It is also refreshing to see that there is another side to the man behind the most date-rapey misogynic piece of piss music from last year. Still would let him date my daughter, but in misogynist im going to ignore the underlying issues by being charming and encouraging women to smile.

I see through your shit Sir.

  1. Let it Go – Idina Menzel (Adele Dazem)

Idina Menzel was amazing in Wicked wasn’t she, do you think we could re-write the music from that but for kids? –some grown-up at Disney.

Yes, Lets do that, and make millions! Ta-dah!

That’s not a criticism. I love Wicked, I love Frozen, I love self actualization and empowerment and acceptance. It’s a winning formula.

  1. Everything is Awesome – Tegan and Sara.

Ok so the last few song choices have maybe been frustratingly positive, however I promise I am also currently writing a ‘total shit songs of 2014’ for all you cynics out there. But for the moment ‘EVERYTHING IS AWESOME”.

The verses here that Lonely Island provided are loads of funny and really silly and sure lets just embrace the madness.

  1. Magic- Coldplay.

I never really liked Coldplay but this song really caught me this year. I think if I was going through a break-up this would be the first song I would be playing on repeat. Its so gorgeous and pining. There is so much love in this.

  1. Do I Wanna Know? _Arctic Monkeys

Well look who grew up and still have their fingers on the pulse. Arctic Monkeys have always been so clever about the way they craft their sings and this is no different. The unusual rhythm and poetic pattern that made their first album so unique is back to life in this song, with run on lines and beats that stop you in your tracks.

  1. Boom Clap -Charli XCX

After writing “I Love IT” with Icona POP and featuring on “Fancy” by Iggy Azeala it was only a matter of time that Charli XCX punched her way into our heart. This song is destined to stick in many peoples mind long after 2014 as it was featured in the insanely popular emotional manipulation machine that is The Fault in our Stars. No doubt its legion of fans will keep this song on life support for many months to come.

  1. Take Me To Church – Hozier.

Re-appropriating someone else’s struggle for your own notoriety, who is this guy Macklemore?

As a big queer, I fairly obviously take issue with this. However, as a now lapsed Irish catholic homosexual I guess I empathize with the sense of this song and it’s a nice little fuck you that I can scream along to in the shower, so fuck it. Fire away there Hozier, though maybe chill out on the gay bashing in the video, it scares kids back into the closet and can be really detrimental to their emotional health. Best of luck with the career though sweetheart, you have a lovely auld voice on ya.

  1. The Hanging Tree- Jennifer Lawrence (written by Lumineers) 

This eerie little ditty is from the latest installment of the Hunger Games, a surprisingly watchable dystopian childrens movie. The song and lyrics are apparently in the book with music provided for the film by the Lumineers. This will no doubt be a hit (she says crossing her fingers and waiting for time to prove her wrong).

It is a creepy compelling tune. In the narrative of the book, from my understanding, it is a banned folk song. I like that it sound like that in execution. It sounds old and time warn and the tune is catchy and bleak. Congrats movie, you win at songs!

  1. Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars (Mark Ronson)

Do you remember in 2008 when Mark Ronson ruled everything. He had this crazy Pharell Williams-esque musicial Midas touch. Anyway, I really hope that this is the signal of his return to the top. This song (highly recommend by my awesome housemate Matt) is the bitches tits.

It bursts into action, I’m half expecting someone to scream BRICKHOUSE!

It sounds like the real deal some light but still rocking it Funk but with a little accessible pop buzz to get it in the door of 2014. I really enjoy this tune.

So that is it really. These are my favourite CHART songs of 2014. Soon to come are “the 14 Worst Chart songs of ‘14” and also ‘ the Best Songs of ‘14”.


Please follow me on twitter and spotify @greenissac.

Hope your year was fabulous and full of music.


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Alt Christmas radio show.

Hello peeps and welcome to another fabulous alternative Christmas with me Green Issac. im sure by now plenty of you are getting into the Christmas spirit, however I feel for many of us pendants and music freaks this can be dampened by the seemingly finite number of ‘classic’ holiday jingles. So for the next few hours I hope to introduce you to some of the best alternative songs to accompany those non-traditional seasons of love we are experiencing. So whether you are taking this holiday to denounce capitalism and the catholic church or just basking in the glow of their heteronormative reductive exclusionary light, there is space here for all. merry Christmas. !!!!!


I know we said we would do a Podcast, but we are too lazy. Shut Up!


So first off we have the ethereal Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins with their incredible version of Frosty the Snowman.


All the warmth of Christmas without the saccharine ugliness. Like when you don;t have that last glass of Baileys you know is totally going to make you vomit. short sweet and lovely


Famous for their overwhelmingly overplayed ‘Reach for the Sun’ (which is awesome) this choral group obviously fits perfectly into the holidays love for huge choral get togethers and white robes.


Sure a little pining from the dear auld Mr. Stevens to keep you going. it’s that nice now.


I like to pretend i’m listening to this on a gramophone but sure whatever gets you going I suppose.


You really can’t go wrong with Annie Lennox. I mean what a legend, I could listen to her ad lib all day.


I know this is an oft repeated and well established christmas song, but its just terrific, i can not recommend going on a Pretenders binge highly enough.


Up next we have a bit of pop rock from the group who brought you both ‘Birdhouse in your soul’ (remember that, fucking wicked track) and i believe the theme to Malcolm in the Middle (citation needed).


SQUEEZE! Funniest band in the world. I think this might be one of the greatest Christmas songs ever.


Kate Bush is perfect every time of the year, without a shadow of a doubt but to be able to pull her out and throw her on a list at the time of year that is overwhelmed with trite cliches is such a gift.


Another goddess of music taking a refreshing look at Christmas, recorded in 2006 and so well after Blondie’s heyday Harry non the less gives a fairly rocking performance.


You don;t have to be rock to be alt, this song has never got the airplay it deserves. This should be the first christmas song to be pulled out.


Holding on to music of the sound he pioneered with The Strokes, Julian Casablancas does a great job on not being bogged down by the expectations of the genre with this 2000s era sounding xmas tune.


At times heartbreaking and soulful this plea by James Brown that Santa goes straight to the Ghetto is sexy and honest and humbling all at once.


Now I can’t talk from personal experience but the Futureheads make a compelling case of an 80s christmas celebration.


Go on Temptations, I don;t think it matters what your sexual orientation that is a sexy sexy man voice. I just want them to sit and sing everything at me all the time.


Again not the most unique or original, we have all heard this song before but it deserves its place in the Christmas top ten.


As far as i know this was never officially released and is a gift for fans. I would definitely buy this though and m starting a petition for Gaga to do a christmas album.


For those of you not of the pop-tastic innuendo laden Gaga pop here is some classic Tom Petty. If i was in a Christmas this would be the song over the credits as I walk away carrying Santa over my shoulder.


Living true to my rule that a music list without Stevie Nicks is not a music list.


Quickly cover yourself in tinsel and dance, you know you want to. Christmas dance where have you been all my life.


No offense to George Micheal but nobody was convinced you were heartbroken, like maybe a little because you looked douch-ey in the video but this The XX cover really understands the agony of christmas heartbreak.


Is it just me or does this sound just like Pink Floyd, if i didn’t know this was LCD System, there would be no convincing me. awesome track.


Christmas songs should make you want to throw stuff, even if it is Matt Bellamy.


Like LITERALLY as Gay as Christmas! This makes my excited like when your drunk and Tina Turner comes on or Cher! Stereotypes for the win!


Major thanks to Giselle for introducing me to this adorable little song last year. it is the sweetest. Feliz Navidad to all.


And last but not least, The Hive and the unbelievable Cyndi Fucking Lauper doing what i can only describe as an actually brilliant take on the ‘fairytale of New York’ format. Highlights include Cyndi lauper screaming ‘I went down on your mother’. I can think of no better way to celebrate Christmas.

Have a Great one guys, and lets spend spend spend this chri chris christmas together. xxx


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Alternative Christmas Playlist YEAR 2

Last year I was working in retail and as such was bombarded with obligatory torrent of Christmas ’classics’ from about mid-November. Now obviously this is ridiculously annoying for all humans and should be stopped as soon as possible. I mean be it little of me to undermine anyone’s Christmas traditions. However, they start so early and there are so very few of them that are repeated over and over and over!
So that inspired me to create a list of Yuletide jingles that perhaps don’t spend so much time on our airwaves put perhaps deserve it just as much. Now being human, I listened to them on repeat last year for the holiday session and now I am totally over them. So here is this years new and improved list. Maybe we could do this with all Christmas songs every year? Just a suggestion.
Obviously we are all just humans and are, like snowflakes, unique in our opinions and styles; isn’t that what makes the world worth living in. You may not agree with what is on this list, to which I say Hurray! Diversity! So, if you don’t agree, make your own list. Maybe we can talk about them and become friends.
So, without further ado, IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSS!

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Budget 2014

Today as you will undoubtedly know is Budget day. This is a day when rich people who you have employed to protect your interests take money out of your pocket and give it to people they believe are more important that you. Like their friend who work in bigger better jobs than you do. This is because as Machiavelli put it “a prince (government) is always compelled to injure those who have made him the new ruler”. To insure that their power remains “any injury a prince does a man should be of such a kind that there is no fear of revenge”. This, my dear friends, is what we are seeing today.  How can you defend your interests if you cannot afford to be healthy or strong? But hey enough about the ethical implications of our pseudo- democracy, you’re here for music.

The list that follows is, I feel, representative of the poverty and desperation felt by many of us in the last few years.  This experiences being impacted and in many cases exacerbated by todays budget announcements. So, if nothing else, it will give you a few songs what make you feel less alone in wanting to burn what few euro notes you have and escape into the wilderness. Maybe the realization that the best music comes from a struggle will make the day lighter. Or perhaps this list will just be less bollocks that listening to RTE.

Ghost Town- The Specials.

With the new reduced air travel tax I feel like it would only be fair to play this in every airport so all those new tourists will know what to expect.  Save your money coming here, but lose it on overpriced wine.

  1. Working Class Hero – Marianne Faithful

The most popular version of this is obviously Lennon’s original however, the snarly viciousness that Marianne brings to this song seems appropriate today.  “but you’re still fucking peasants, as far as I can see”.

3.Busted – Ray Charles

I wonderful little ditty about the desperation of not having a pot to piss in. Representative of all the people who had to leave without knowing if its going to ever be any better.

4.Allentown-Billy Joel

Corniest video in the universe. This song does however speak to the current generation of twentysomethings. Countless graduation photos lining the walls with nothing to show for them except student debt. At least there are some homo-erotic dancers to cheer us up though.

5. The message – grandmaster flash

Look, times are shite enough, without today. We might as well keep it hilarious. I don’t understand how a song about life being so terrible is so ridiculous, but it is. I think it’s the creepy laugh. Issues with paying bills and rising inflation ring pretty true though.

6.Career Opportunities-The Clash

The Clash looking at the bollocks situation of being offered a pathetic, soul destroying job by the Social and being forced to take it and be grateful. Part-time seasonal kitchen porter in a hotel on a island 2hours away from your house with no transport, anyone. (That really happened to me).

7.Village Ghetto Land- Stevie Wonder

I always found this song a strange departure for Stevie, kinda like ‘Dear Jessie’ by Madonna. Anyway this bizarre british-y Kinks sounding stroll through Stevie’s neighbourhood is as wonderful as it is eye opening. I was going to write a similar one but cant think of a rhyme for pigeon and junkie poo.

8. Tax Man-The Beatles

For the day that’s in it, sure. Isn’t it nice to see that nothing ever changes.

9.Talking about a Revolution – Tracey Chapman

This song might be a little trite and really is a causeless call to arms. I guess that is  what makes it so universal. Really I like it because I love the idea of poor people rising up and getting what is theirs. Regardless of how completely implausible that is. It is a nice dream.

10. Common People- Pulp

Poverty is shit! People thinking it’s the craic, is no better. This song is fucking Amazing! So lets dance, drink and screw, cause there is nothing else to do!

Except riot!

We could Riot!

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50 female artists continued

OK so my computer keeps farting over the huge amount of videos so i have had to split this. where were we.

22. Ella Fitzgerald


21. LeTigre

Punky, politics and funny dances. I feel like maybe the post should be shared by Bikini Kill too.

20. Chaka Khan

THE HAIR. you go chaka khan, you go.

19. Eva Cassidy

One of those cases when fame comes posthumously. Although Eva was well known in her home town of Washington it wasnt until three years after her death that her album made it to number one. She is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard with a remarkable talent for interpreting other peoples music and bring something completely new.

18. Cyndi Lauper

Making her debut with the remarkable album ‘She’s so Unusual’ shows amazing confidence as an artist, and including a song about masturbation, what a legend. Cyndi Lauper has a fantastic knack of looking at society dispelling of rose-tinted glasses and still having a ball.

17. Janis Joplin

You know when Stevie Nicks sites you as an influence you have done some thing wrong. Even when singing a capella there was something so powerful and unforgiving in Ian’s vocals. Another unfortunate early death. Janis passed away at 27 just 16 days after Hendrix did the same.

16. Lauryn Hill

Marred with controversy over reported racism and anti-catholic statement whilst performing in the Vatican, Hill has had a fairly successful career. She became a teen favourite because of her performance in Sister Act 2 and established her career in the Fugees. However Michelle Obamam and John McCain both saying they are fans is probably not doing her any favours,

15. Edith Piaf

An amazing woman, a tiny, fraile, nervous poor girl who pull herself up, duster herself and took the world by story. You couldn’t write the stuff. If you want to know about Madame Piaf I would highly recommend watching “la Vie on Rose’ in which Marion Cotillard plays her from 14-80. tremendous portrayal of an astonishing woman.

14. Nancy Sinatra

So your Dad is Frank Sinatra good luck having a life of your own. You want to be a singer? oh wait your FUCKING AWESOME. Though the song i included “Bang Bang” is a cover I think it shows her soft intensity.

13. Joan Jett

I’m just going to chill out her and think of a way to justify including Joan Jett and not the woman she styled herself on, Suzie Quatro. No, I can’t. My list, i’ll do what I want *head bags to song*.

12.Joan Baez

Im starting to see a pattern here. Women +Music = Politics. Great, isn’t it. Sure, isn’t that the point of art, to hold a mirror up to society. Thats exactly what this lady did. The Queen of Folk. She has been on the go for 56 years.

11. Loretta Lynn

You tell them Loretta. not a bother on this woman telling chaps to fuck right off. Between discouraging men from thinking they are getting the ride if they are pissed and advocating the use of the pill, i think she might be the ultimate country feminist.

10. Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins)

If anyone can tell me what Liz Fraser is ever saying your a smarter chap than me. I havn’t the foggiest but its beautiful. there is something ethereal to her that makes me feel transported.

9. Bette Midler

From Bathhouse Bette to THe Divine Miss M, what a career. Bette cut her teeth in the gay bathhouses and has been a gay icon ever since. Mastering acting, music, comedy and activism. I adore her.

8.Whitney Houston

Known for her amazing warbbling and amazing lung capacity, i prefer her fun pop phase. That is why this is the song I have chosen to represent dear old Whitney. The juxtaposition of this song against the narrative of her life gives it a weird bittersweet quality retrospectively. None the less, Tune.

7.Mama Cass

I’ll leave Cass and this song to explain herself.

6.Roberta Flack

bring tears to a stone she would.

5. Beyonce

So i am a little disappointed about her calling her tour Mrs. Carter. YOU ARE BEYONCE. Not some dudes wife. Jesus beyonce, but she has definitely earned her stripes. Starting with Destinys Child she has shown she has Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent. RuPaul would be so proud.

4.Billie Holiday

Having written the canon of jazz standards, music would be lost with out Holiday.

3.Alanis Morrisette

Raw and Quirky. MUch more though is her wonderfuly personal song writing and vicious lyrics. Jagged Little Pill is the perfect accompaniment to any break up. The best album to jump around your house to before a  night out.

2. Diana Ross

Try telling anybody your gay without that running through your head. Thank you Diana its the best coping mechanism you could have ever given the world. sound move.

1. Adele

Who in Gods good name just appears at 19 fully formed and becomes the most successfully female artist. Adele, that is who. And does she become a dick head and stuffy and pretensious. No, not Adele. Talented and humbly, wise and gorgeous. Fantastic role model.

Well that is me for the day. Hope you enjoyed my run down of the 50 best female musicians. I has been real fun and all but my fingers are about to fall off.

Here is the playlist that i made to go with this.

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50 female artists

It is a Bank Holiday, all I  want is to be sitting reading the paper and listening to a count down of 50 female artists promised to me by the national broadcaster. However that is not to be the case as they are playing one song off the list between every three normal songs. THAT IS NOT A LIST SHOW. So i have made my own. These are not in any particular order. THey are just fulled together over the last hour.

The artists listed simply represent the singers and songs i would have liked to hear today and who I believe constitute the most influential and noteworthy female musicians. Hopefully you enjoy and this is a nice little soundtrack to your day off.  although currently incomplete I will be updating this throughout the day. just like a wee auld radio show. Enjoy.

50. Madonna

This is cause the girl just gets it. has been on top of her game for years. incredible.

49. Joni Mitchell

Not that this powerhouse needs any introduction, but if you are new to Miss Mitchell I  would recommend first listening to her album Blue. Still one of my go to albums after years of obsessing over music. jazzy and full of emotion.

48. Bjork

Releasing her first album at 7 with some fantastic covers including Lennons ‘Fool on the Hill’ Bjork has not put a foot wrong since. In my opinion.

47. Dusty Springfield.

Can you imagine music without Dusty? No Duffy, No Adele. Tiny, fierce and one of a kind.

46. Barbra Streisand

The woman has EIGHT GRAMMYS, and five Emmys. i have no right to even reckon on her talent.

45. Amy Winehouse

Unfortunately, no longer with us but boy that girl could sing.

44. Tracy Chapman

Obvious song choice I know. Its a fantastic song and i stand by it.

43. Erykah Badu

The Queen of Neo-Soul. You cant deny her influence. Not the most accessible music but worth the effort.

42. Aretha Franklin

If your not moved by Aretha Franklins voice check your pulse. I mean it.

41. Joan Armatrading

Good nice song about lies and betrayal for your bank holiday. I love her though she sounds like she has eaten to much Ice-Cream.

40. Dolly Parton

Just going to lighten the mood with the Queen of the Gays herself there. The thing about Dolly is the more you listen, the more you realise this is an unbelievable talented woman. Much too often she is dismissed as a dumb blonde, that is fucking blasphemy!

39. Nina Simone

A singer, a song-writer, an extremely talented pianist and an activist. In the 40’s in America, Nina Simone might have been the coolest woman in the world. Her songs just fill me with hope and I dont have half the troubles she had. Just so powerful, and sexy. Just check out her singing ‘I wanna little Sugar in my bowl’. mind blowing.

38. Annie Lennox

Yet another activist. what can i say activism turns me on. Her amazing stage presence and androgynous image, made her a teen favourite for this little boy-girl for years. And this songs a Fuckin TUNE as my housemate just opinioned.

37. Dionne Warwick

Cousin to the late Whitney Houston and one of the greatest selling artists of all time, if only she could have shaken the auld drug habit.

36. Cher

Like Madonna, Cher has constantly adapted with the times. She was unfazed by cultures drug explosion in the 60s, turning its back on her and Sonnys clean-cut image and managed to turn into a sex icon in her own terms. Badass, plus amazing in Mermaids.

35. Tina Turner

The biopic ‘Whats Love Got to do with It’ starts with the quote, ‘the lotus is a flower that lives in the mud, the deeper and darker the mud, the more beautiful the lotus grows’. Perfect description of the relentless Ms. Turner, captain my captain. (like im completely obsessed).

34. Janet Jackson

Constantly overshadowed, but what choice did she have being a Jackson. I honestly think she would have been much more popular had she not been compared with her brothers.

33. Debbie Harry

One of the first women to bring punk to the mainstream. Everyone must own Parallel Lines at some stage, just to understand what a powerful woman sounds like. Not a Fuck given by Debbie.

32.  Stevie Nicks

Like I even have to explain the appeal. My guitar is called Stevie.

31. Sinead O Connor

I hope in my heart, of hearts that Sinead is sitting in her house and gloating. I would be. She was right all along and Ireland ignored her. Strong, cocksure and with an abundance of talent. I have no idea how Sinead had the strength to be herself back then but I salute her for it.

30. Marianne Faithfull

Another woman who is no stranger to controversy. There was a wonderful urban legend about the cops raiding a party in the 70’s and finding Mick Jagger eating a Mars Bar from Marianne herself. Why not, I say. Anyway you just have to hear her snarl the words ‘Her cunt in my bed’ in the song ‘Why’d you do it?’ to know there may be some truth in those rumours.

29. Janis Ian

Whats the point being gay if your not going to sing about how alienating it is? I jest but it does make for some incredible music. Also in her autobiography she talks about her parents being so Left-Wing they were investigated by the FBI. That is cool.

28. Kate Bush

She is all kinds of crazy but thats why we love her. When you listen to a Kate Bush you have complete permission to fling your arms around like a mad bastard. You know how great she is, this was her first big song and she was 19. When i was 19 I hadn’t heard of Soy Sauce before so I made a stir-Fry with Coca Cola. Thats not a lie. Kate Bush is better than me.

*pee break time, if this was radio, i would play these songs to keep you occupied, cause their really long and I will probably make coffee. I’ve been sitting here for two hours.

1.Chain of Fools-Aretha Franklin. 2.Papa was a Rolling stone- Temptations. 3. Bohemian Rahapsody-Queens.

alternatively you can read my other blog posts. BRB*

27. Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton known for her 5 and a half octave vocal range. Like are you joking me. that is incredible. Not that she doesn’t merit of her own but she also happens to be the mother of one of the funniest woman alive, Maya Rudolph of Bridemaids fame.

26. Karen Carpenter

Beautiful voice, incredible drummer. Tragic life.

I hate brother, sister duos but the harmony guys, the harmony.

25.Patsy Cline

If your thinking about country music Patsy Cline is bound to come up. Another life that was cut tragically short. Patsy died in a plane crash at only 30. It is incredible that she made such an influence to women in music so young.

24. Carole King

Her voice sounds like a warm hug doesn’t it. The album this is from Tapestry just rips me asunder. It is essential for all collections as is proved by its 6 years in the charts.


Many may scoff at this choice, dismissing pink as a current pop icon with no substance. I agree that many of her popular songs havn’t exactly pushed the boundary of music. The think that I believe that sets P!nk apart is her ability, not unlike madonna or Cher, to grow as an artist. If you consider the TLC-esque Pink from the album ‘Take Me Home’ to her current chart hit “just give me a reason” ft FUN. She is a woman who can stay relevant and more power to her.

PART 2: check my newest blog post for the top new 22 songs. see you there peeps.


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Songs about Serial Killers

I guess it’s a terrible reflection on society that there is so much attention given to serial killers. I mean most adults in the western world would not struggle to name at least two serial killers off the top of their head. Considering 24 news coverage and the ridiculous fascination with crime scene related drama, it really is no wonder that having an interest in serial killers is completely socially acceptable. So with that in mind, really just me justifying having such a tasteless list, not that I have to, you clicked on it, lets get down to business.

In this list I have covered the best and I believe most interesting songs about serial killers. There are thousands out there and many from the same genre. Who knew that heavy metal would draw such influence from bloodbaths? Not I. So, rather than run down a generic list I have tried to pick songs across the board to fill this list. Enjoy, as much as one can/should.

To begin, the Prince of Misery himself:

Jack the Ripper-Morrissey

Classic Morrissey dripping with anguish yet juxtaposed with the most malice lyrics like ‘I know a place were no one is likely to pass’. Morisseys focus on the iner-turmoil gives you the uncomfortable feeling of being within the beast and accidently empathizing. It also captures the fear surrounding the anonymous nature of the Ripper with the lyrics ‘Nobody knows me”. Terrific and unique interpretation of the serial killer tune. Win for Moz.  I’m going to call him that. I think he would hate it.

*I think the cake I am eating is stale. (unrelated, or is it)

Old Mean, Ed Gein – The Fibonaccis

A female voice addressing Charles Manson and telling him of Ed Gein, this is a terrifying premise for a song but an extremely interesting look at the cultural influence of these men. To further that point the narrator talks of Manson introducing her to certain music. This is because Manson himself was a musician and actually auditioned for the Beach Boys. I know that Brian Wilson is nuts but imagine Manson in the Beach Boys. Music History meltdown.  Now obviously there is no denying the cultural influence of Ed Gein, more on that later but the idea of a 15 year old kid engaging with this topic with such affection is really creepy. I believe that is what makes this song so awesome. It is legit a good song and is currently stuck in my head.

Ed Gein- Killdozers

This is not a good song. The album title is in English so one may presume that so are the songs, but we will never know.  Unintelligible. It had all the potential to be ‘Where’s me jumper?”- Sultans of Ping F.C. but instead sounds like Shane Mc Gowan of the Pogues, ate the Sultans and shat them out. But sure isn’t tht what punk is all about and in its own way isn’t it representative of the culture that allows for the idolation of murderers. Yes, these are all valid points. And now I have made them so you don’t have to. Ed Gein is a goldmine of cultural references. He is the bases of the characters Norman Bates of Psycho, Leatherface of chainsaw Massacres and Anthony Hopkins character from Silence of the Lambs. See that is how you take life and make art from it. Screaming for a minute, I expect better from punk. Also Gein was a bad bastard.

Gacy’s Place – Mentally Ill  (NSFW)

A screaming torrent of noise that would eventually lead any sensible individual to acts of violence, I appreciate their passion but I don’t know to what end they are progressing. I think there might be a more productive means of getting their message across. Im joking, it does what it is supposed to, though wouldn’t have hurt to be a little more articulate. It tells you little of the John Wayne Gacy Jr after whom it was name, except that he is ‘ fucking your kids’. To be honest if he ever got close to your kids, that unfortunately is accurate.  More about that waste of human life shitbag later. There were only 300 of these singles release on there original run however so if any of you have one get in contact.

Son of Sam  – Chain Gang

The beginning of this song is reminiscent of the sound of sirens so I from the start think it is wicked. It encapsulates the tension and fear surrounding having a person like this on the loose. Well it should do as while this song was being recorded the band members spent their time hanging out on the streets looking for Son of Sam, because of the 30k reward. In the song the band address a woman telling her to get a gun. This woman came running towards them saying that Son of Sam tried to kill her inspiring this song. Actually this particular case opened up a really interesting debate about the moral implications of giving media attention to murders and led to the introduction in New York of the ‘Son of Sam law’ . Its worth reading up on. Anyway I think that connection to the events makes this a particularly appropriate addition to this list.

I Don’t Like Mondays- The Boomtown Rats

This is one of my favourite songs. It was actually while listening to this on repeat that I decided to do this list.  This song is about the school shooting by Brenda Ann Spencer  who went to school in Grover Cleveland Elementary in San Diego in 1979 at age 16 and killed 2 adults, 8 kids and a cop. Bob Geldof said he was inspired to write it after hearing the girl being interviewed. The journalist simply said ‘tell me why?’. Brendas now famous response was “I don’t like Mondays”, just like that, with no contrition. That idea is so striking and makes for an extremely powerful song.

John Wayne Gacy Jr-Sufjan Stevens

ALL of the trigger warnings

This is without a doubt the most tragically beautiful song about a serial killer ever. It tells the story of John Wayne Gacy Jr, who I told you  I would get  back to. This song will actually tell you in much more detail that I would be able to face going into about him, so im going to stick to the bear facts. Between 1972-1978 he raped and murdered 26 boys and hid them under his house. Now bearing that in mind Sufjans delicate description of these acts is a little to much for me to handle.  However it deserves to be on this list because it is an incredible song.

Burke and Hare (traditional, kinda) sung by Robin Laing

I was initially going to include Burke and Hare- Screamin Daemon, and by all means listen to it, if you fucking hate your ears.

Then I found this little gem. This is exactly what I have been waiting for a lovely little scathing song by an old man about serial killers being bollocks.  So back story, Burke and Hare where two irish immigrants that moved to West Port in Scotland in 1828. At the time there where not enough Cadavers for the town anatomist Knoxs to work. So showing a bit of initative the pair went out and killed some people to get the cash for  the bodies. Anyway one sold out the other and they got hung. You will know about it, there was a recently released movie about it with Simon Pegg. What I love most about this song is with this serious subject matter. These guys killed like 16 people this dude singing the song has included the line ‘sure beats work said the lazy Burke’. Like that is really going to discredit them. I can forgive the killing but get a job you lazy bastard. It made me laugh. So I think that is a nice wee not to depressing note to end on.  Its been wonderful, and I hope I havn’t scared you or inspired you in any way,

As always Notable Exceptions:

mentions serial killers, not really about them. wonderful song.

this was also supposed to have been inspired by Son of Sam but he was on the loose in ’77 and the original of this was out in ’74. Maybe in was what make them release it in 77.

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