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Kiss for Marriage

 Hey darlings,

I am going to presume all you beautiful people love the LBGTQ community and think gay marriage is the bomb, even if you don’t want to get married yourself your all like ‘dude, that doesn’t mean imam stop anyone else’. if this is not you and you don’t believe, just leave now before I teach you a lesson, and I will because your dumb.


Anyway on that note there is a Kiss In on today at 12 outside the Gaiety in Dublin to show public support for gay marriage. To get us all in the mood for smooching here are some fantastic songs for us to get out lips around. 



meet you all there.



Outside the Gaitey

South King Street,


1200 hours yo.




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A celebration of aging, Sinead aging!

So this blog was born of a birthday present. It was my girlfriend’s little sisters birthday and I wanted to make her a suitable playlist. Well today another of her wonderful siblings is celebrating her birthday and as they are twins so is my misses. Anyway enough about twindoom, this blog is built on sisterhood.

So I present you with a celebration of what I think encapsulate growing older and the energy of birthdays when you get to our stage of life, early-mid twenties.

Obviously this age is the best of times and the most horrifically terrifying and stressful as you try and present your doing a good job of being a grown-up. While still completing all the pokemon original series and the new ones too. (too many expectations).  But fuck it ya survived being a teen when the number one artist on the billboard Hot 100 was  this.

I’m not lying, in 2002 this was music. Congratulations on being Rad after that shit.

So anyway back to real music. Ima put links to each song with them or if you would rather listen to a playlist ill embed one at the end of this post.

All Your Friends- LCD Soundsystem

Relevant quote: you spend the first five years trying to get with the plan,

And the next five years trying to be with your friends again.

Not only a fucking rocking song that I think sums up some fucking wicked ‘in your early twenties’ nights out but also a song about keeping the party going. What a great birthday message.  Wonderful encouragement to keep giving it socks.

Young at Heart – The Bluebells

Relevant quote: YOUNG AT HEART

I just couldn’t resist. Any excuse to listen to this song really. Its wicked. I mean whats with the bows, are they trying to be Dexy’s??

My Generation  – The Who

Relevant Quote: Hope I die before I get old.

Obviously I don’t wish this on anyone but like, old is a state of mind so you’re sound really.  Plus the Who were obviously lying about that shit cause they is old as fuck and still singing this track. If you appreciate irony you are flying it forever.

Forever Young – Alphaville


Hands up everybody, and hardcore sway.. ya, wig time. . .toss that hair. (I’m having a great time)

A Touch Of Grey – The Grateful Dead

Relevant quote: a touch of grey kinda suits you anyway

I think this song has a wonderful message, its that kinda everything is fucked, but sure we will be fine’. Might not be your typical birthday playlist but we are not the typical birthday boy are we so get the fuck over it princess.

Video Killed the Radio Star- The Buggles

Relevant Quote : we cant rewind we’ve gone to far.

This was chosen by Molly so you can thank her. But it’s a great choice. Its like ‘Oh my fuck, everything is changing’. And sure isn’t that the joy of life. Isn’t it pet. Sure, it only is.

Ok here is the point of the playlist that we get into the soulful hour of the evening were we sit with a whiskey and talk about the old days when MTV played Music and penny sweets were just that.  So ima take you on a musical journey back in time to artists who have the experience to express these feelings of nostalgia.  Well better than  we can anyway.

Still Crazy After All these years. – Paul Simon

I’m just saying if for some reason some asked me to make a playlist for your 80th birthday, because I am, by then, a cryogenetically  frozen famous space DJ, this is the song I know I would have to choose.

When I Was Seventeen – Frank Sinatra

Now it gets serious. This is the best passing of time song ever, and actually if you get a chance check out the version with Robbie Williams. Surprisingly good. I hope this lulls you into a warm reflection of how wonderful it will be to be in the autum of your years looking back. Might make up for all my ‘die before I get old songs’. Sorry!

When I’m 64 – The Beatles

See how happy being old will be. And you wont be 64 for another million years. Sorted. Puts shit in perspective don’t it. anyway I hope these songs give you a nice little selection of  view points on aging and your birthday. Hopefully they will proved the comfort required so you’d don’t do that whole hiding under tables crying about life as happens to some people around their birthday  (or so I am told)

Anyway darling face, happy getting older day! Love you!

Here is that bad boy as a playlist. Enjoy!

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30 best pop songs of 1983. playlist

AAhh, The eighties.

A decade of big hair, shoulder pads and cocaine.

To translate that if your irish unemployment, new wave and heroine.

Whichever one describes the decade for you, the 80’s was a terrific time for music, probably my favourite.

I recently saw a friend of mine complain online about not being able to source a good 80’s compilation album. I can only presume, judging by her taste, it was pop she was looking for. The aim of this blog was to help with that, however I got distracted, sorry Daneballs.

Now!, when I started researching for this post, I recognized a trend. Many of the songs I feel epitomize the retrospective notion of what 80s music should be were released in the same year. That’s why I believe if we had to describe the 80s in all of its glory but using examples from only one year, it would be 1983.  This year contains the most hits that have lived on and have become known as classics of that era. Generally when making mixed tapes based on a decade, I take 10 songs from each year, with only one per artist. This proved difficult when I got to 1983 so I think it is time this year got a little time in the spotlight.

So just press play for your two hour trip to 1983.


N.B. (for you pedantic pants) Some of the tracks listed were contained on albums released in other years but they have qualified for my list by having achieved chart success in the year 1983.

*also sorry about ads ruining the flow, it really wrecks my buzz.


(Actually see next post for the ten greatest alternative hits of 1983. There are just to many really great tracks that year)

Enjoy and if you have any requests for playlists find me on twitter @GreenIssac.

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Valentine’s Day,

Alternative Love song  edition

Obviously today being the 14th of January we shall be bombarded by sappy ridiculous love songs on the radio and online. I am not against this, in fact I’m about to do the very same to you. However, I hope this list provides some brief respite from the repetition you may be experiencing if you have a real life radio on. (remember radio, those were the days). So, lets get this show on the road.

I made a short list last night and only managed to whittle it down to 50.

So what was meant to be my 10 alternative love songs is now


Hope this is nice accompaniment to your V-Day,

All of my Love.

N.B. Almost forgot, best love song in the world .

Also, for the day thats in it, how unbelievably adorable are these badges. The Transgender Equality Network Ireland are selling them. They great. Made me smile.

Anyway get back to your loving.


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Music for being 17 to

This  week saw my girlfriends sister turning seventeen. This reminded me of being seventeen and how thrilled I was back then to discover the plethora of wonderful music dedicated or at least referencing that confusing and formative age. So here is my breakdown of the best songs about being 17. Also included is the youtube playlist so you can listen along as you read.

1.The Beatles – Saw her standing there.

-Well she was just seventeen, you know what I mean (that you should be looking for a woman your own age perhaps?)

I jest, I love the Beatles. Perfect punchy pop.

2.Stevie Nicks-Edge of Seventeen

This was my first introduction to Stevie Nicks and it blew my mind. Her vocals are incredible, even if I do find it impossible not to shout ‘Michelle can you handle this’ at the beginning because it was sampled in my youth by Destinys Childs Bootylicious. (Which is not a terrible song but hellish for its attempt to taint Stevie in my brain.)

3.Janis Ian- At Seventeen

(I learned the truth at seventeen, that love was meant for beauty queens)

Just wonderful, for every isolated, bullied, leftie teen who cant find their place. At seventeen I inherited a record collection including Between The Lines and felt this song was a present from the universe telling me I was doing fine.

4. Abba- Dancing Queen.

(dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen)

You don’t become one of the greatest selling pop bands of al time by sitting around scratching your nose. There has got to be something behind all the sales and although bands can get lost in the hype it really is worth taking out any ABBA album and actually listening through. i have yet to be disappointed.

5. Ladytron-Seventeen

Repetitive yes! Incredible in its ability to make you feel sexy as you dance in your school uniform. Definitely!  Heartbreaking when it comes on in shuffle when your in the GYM in your twenties. IM STILL FUN! (i’m really not)

6.Broken Social Scene- Anthem for a seventeen year old girl.

I presume this happens to everybody, but you know when you become aware of a song at exactly the right moment for it to epitomize how your feeling. That is what happened with me and this song. So really I cant be objective about it. however perhaps its a universal feeling of loosing friends that happens in your teens, like fear and anxiety in ones 20s. If this is the case, this song should see you through being 17.

7. Marina and the Diamonds – Seventeen.

This sounds very Amanda Palmer/ Dresden Dolls-esque to me. I think I like it. Funky chorus but i keep waiting for a climax I feel doesn’t come. Its got a fun beat to walk down the street to and pretend your in the video. (sometimes I get distracted by the music, sorry)

8.Jet- Seventeen

HOLD THE LINE, LOVE ISN’T ALWAYS ON TIME!! Its ok those aint the lyrics but the piano intro it identical to TOTOs song Hold the Line (which is awesome.) This song is a weird mix of 2004era indie thin tie wearing bands and those moody pop rock whiney bands since then. These are the guys who brought us “Are you going to be my girl?.”(fucking awesome song) I expect better but it makes this list because if every song about being 17 was perfect it just wouldn’t represent being 17 now would it.

9. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts-I love Rock’n’Roll

Dude being 17 to this song was awesome. It makes me want to put pins in my ears and my mammy loves it. It’s got to the point of saturation where it is just twee inoffensive pop that even little kids bop along to. Credit for that can be given to the trainwreck version by Britney Spears in 2001. This version is still good fun. Also I have a crush on Joan Jett.

10. Metro Station-Seventeen Forever

I put this on because when I was chatting about making this list everyone said it. I didn’t know it before this and I dont think my life would suffer if I never heard it. Reminds me of ‘I like It’ by Enrique iglesias bouncy vapid and shit. It is like Paint-by-number for music. It gets the job dont but without soul. This can represent the Leaving Cert bit of being 17.

11. The creme de le creme of music for 17 year olds.

Sound of Music soundtrack- I am sixteen going on seventeen

You would have to be soulless not to love this. I’m dancing right now to it. Which I admit is difficult while typing. Those violin notes just chop so sharply. Its just so uplifting, and her voice just smoulders.

Anyway that is my breakdown of the best songs for being 17 too. There are obviously millions more. These are just the ones I believe represent that completely nuts time where you learn to be a grown-up and everything gets up-ended. But dont worry chaps, its great craic.

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